we are performance engineers.

We offer optimisation solutions and performance improvements that guarantee added earnings. Argo innovation is based on very deep technical expertise in grinding and offers the best technology in the segment.

With the combined knowledge of our designers, engineers and in house disciplines that include project management and civil engineering services.

We offer tailor-made solutions to help you design your plant and we guarantee that our unique blend of optimisation, engineering solutions and performance improvements will deliver first mover advantages and added earnings.

we optimise existing installations.

Optimising an existing installation, with or without our machinery, delivers energy savings and environmental gain at the same time as increasing production.

We take a comprehensive view of a plant’s energy consumption and production footprint to identify the areas where improvements can be made. Then we implement practical, engineered solutions to reduce energy consumption and increase output to targets that we agree and guarantee.

Argo plant optimisation offers a significant advantage where the aim is to produce as cheaply as possible and the main customer facilities are existing brownfield sites.


We engineer complete new plants.

Argo plant design solutions guarantee that new-build finish grinding plants will deliver significantly more energy savings and environmental gain than any other comparable conventional solution. At the same time as maximizing productivity and mitigating the risk of future energy price rises.

We design our new-build plants in a way that they are easily upgradeable. This means a lower initial investment and production that can simply be increased over time by an integrated, planned and designed future upgrading.

This is particularly relevant to businesses in emerging economies where the aim is to produce as much as possible from new builds on Greenfield sites.