the argo machines
We’ve engineered a machine revolution in grinding.

By any modern assessment criteria the Argo Mills and Argo Classifiers are the only reasoned choice guaranteed to meet the modern demands of pre, intermediate or finish grinding. Our machines help to drive down energy costs the same time as increasing production capacity.


Whether in entirely new build plants or in existing plants, Argo agree and guarantee specific energy savings. Our customers have found that by installing Argo mill in existing grinding circuits or by replacing their old mill with an Argo mill, their total energy consumption has been cut by up to 60%.

Increased production.

Guaranteed increases in production are designed and tailored in every Argo Mill to meet each customer’s specific need. In operation, customers have seen increases in production of more then 100%.


All Argo AM mills are built around our patented AGSL process. AGSL means the grinding force, the grinding speed and the specific layer thickness of our mill will adapt to the specific nature of different materials ‘on the fly’. Ours are the only mills in the world that perform in this way.

This is particularly relevant in meeting modern demands to reduce clinker factor by ensuring optimum grinding performance for each different material or combination of materials. Cement plants using our Mills contribute to a meaningful reduction in total industry CO2 emissions.




Adaptable to the needs of the material to be ground, Argo rollers are engineered with autogenous surfaces and wear protection specific to the application and material type:

Standard: Forged base body, welded buffer layer, welded hard layer. Applications: limestone, cement.

High protection: Centrifugal casted base body made of hard outer layer and smooth inner layer. Applications: slag, glass.

Special: Stud Lining. Applications: Mining.


Circumferential Guide.

Defining the layer thickness between the rollers and feeding the material to the gap at the same speed as the rollers means less vibration and increased speeds. this results in better grinding performance and less wear.



Dependent on the application, the mill can be specified with different bearing solutions adapted to the mill size.



At the heart of every mill is a sophisticated hydraulics and control system. Designed to the specific needs of the mills it’s easier to maintain and offers major operating advantages.

Control systems for AGSL.

Applies the adjustable grinding force of the rollers

Protects rollers from damage from foreign bodies or overpressure



Thanks to the AGSL, Argo mills run smoother with less wear and lower vibration, with less noise and lower emissions.

Other advantages of the design include:

less dust

less down time and material waste

less plant size for increased output

less civil engineering and infrastructure costs


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