We help businesses efficiently achieve their full potential by defining the systems and process around the needs of the customer, materials and environment and by working back from there.

Businesses face growing pressure to drive down energy costs and carbon emissions at the same time as improving productivity” Businesses that can successfully meet these dual challenges achieve lower costs, increase production capacity, build stronger customer and supply chain relationships - all at the same time as reducing exposure to future energy price rises.

We Guarantee it.

We believe one way of meeting these challenges is through performance contracting. its a guaranteed commercial arrangement that focuses on improved results and the additional earnings achieved rather than just the process management and hardware used to achieve them.

Our performance contracts can deliver for the client in 3 ways.

Guaranteed results

Argo guarantees performance and energy savings and builds them into the contract. This way the client is protected from any performance risk.

Shared objectives

We work with you in a company partnership, setting the direction by defining the energy and production targets, The responsibility for achieving the promised outcomes, including which systems and which technologies will be used, lies with us.

Up-front Funding

If you are limited by capital, we can provide the means to fund the initiatives and recoup the investment from the additional earnings delivered during the contract.