argo process engineering delivers significantly more for significantly less.

Argo is one of the most innovative hard grinding engineering practices in the world. Headquartered in Hamburg Germany, engineering based in Hanover and with project sites worldwide, Argo has an international reputation for engineering know-how, excellence and innovation in the grinding of cement, recycling, mining and minerals.

Since our inception the Argo group has pioneered a sustainable approach to all aspects of hard grinding and has led the way with the first significant evolution in the sector in a generation.

We provide our customers competitive advantage, cutting-edge technology and revolutionary, perfectly designed machines that simply don't exist elsewhere.

our mission is simple.

Increase productivity and performance output, decrease energy consumption and reduce impact on the environment.

Helge Wilhelm
Chief Engineer

We conceive, design and build our processes, systems and machines around the individual needs of each customer and work back from there. We prefer to look at your problem before you tell us what the cause of the problem is.

Fully integrated with our in-house mechanical engineering and our strategic long term partners for civil and electrical engineering, the same core team sees a project through from beginning to end.

We promise to deal with the things that others overlook and deliver measurable results.

We guarantee it.

Argo optimisation processes have yielded up to 65% energy saving and production increases of more than 100%...

Our concepts and machines are revolutionising grinding. Our processes and systems deliver major advantages to the entire spectrum of hard grinding applications in cement, recycling, mining, minerals.

We pioneer sustainable solutions that reduce the ecological footprint of all hard grinding applications and help our clients meet the dual challenges of reducing energy costs at the same time as increasing production and earnings. Our innovation is based on very deep technical expertise in grinding and the very best engineering services in the segment.

We offer customised, optimally designed solutions that help you operate your plant to meet modern challenges, whether it’s is a new greenfield project or a modernisation of an existing plant. Successive installations around the world have proven significant energy savings, production gains and measurable reductions in environmental impact.